Mar Villamiel Guerra, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Bioactivity and Food Analysis, Institute of Food Science Research (CSIC-UAM), Madrid (Spain)
Title: Applications of ultrasound in the extraction of pectin from agro-food by-products


Mathieu Pernot, PhD

Affiliation: Inserm U979 “Wave physics for Medicine”, Ecole SupĂ©rieure de Physique Chime de Paris (ESPCI), Paris (France)
Title: Quantitative imaging of tissues and blood flows using 4D ultrafast ultrasound imaging


Chris L. de Korte, PhD

Affiliation: Medical UltraSound Imaging Center (MUSIC 766), Dept. Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen (The Netherlands)
Title: Better, faster and higher with ultrasound for diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and cancer


Kian-Meng Lim, PhD

Affiliation: Department of Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Title: Use of ultrasound for particle manipulation in microfluidic devices


Brijesh Tiwari, PhD

Affiliation: Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin (Ireland)
Title: Biochemical Effects of Ultrasound in Food Processing


Dmitry Eskin, PhD

Affiliation: Brunel University London, BCAST, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge (UK)
Title: Fundamental studies of ultrasonic processing of liquid metals


Anuradha Subramanian, PhD

Affiliation: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering University of Nebraska, Lincoln (USA)
Title: Ultrasound in Cartilage Tissue Engineering: Modeling Analysis and Experimental Verification


Ari Glezer, PhD

Affiliation: Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering Georgia Tech (USA)
Title: Ultrasound Liquid-Vapor Interfacial Actuation for Enhancement of Two-Phase Heat Transfer


Michal Schneider, PhD

Affiliation: Deputy Head & Director of Research, Department of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences School of Primary and Allied Health Care Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Monash University Clayton, Victoria (Australia)
Title: Biosafety of neonatal cranial ultrasound